Kidney Disease & Ageing

Slow down progression of CKD and ageing through scientifically validated amazing natural therapies, precision supplements, medicinal plants, nutrition, diet, yoga and more

  • 68 interventions spanning over 14 amazing chapters, supported by hundreds of medical studies published in journals of medicine, biochemistry and nephrology, to improve kidney’s health
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In The Book You'll Learn

  • Steps to slow or reverse progression of kidney disease in particular, and ageing in general
  • How to take the control of your health back by understanding how your body (& kidneys) work, and how to make them last longer
  • Wide variety of innovative & amazing therapies for kidney and anti-ageing, backed by numerous medical studies
  • Nutrition plan to reduce load on kidney. Go beyond the vanilla CKD / renal / “alkaline diet”
  • About precision supplements to rejuvenate your kidneys & entire body
  • Exercise protocols to feel more energized, slow down ageing and keep kidneys healthy
  • Highly affordable renal and anti-ageing strategies uncovered from traditional medicine, herbs and yoga, validated by scientific research
"After my nephrologist told me to prepare for eventual dialysis, I was depressed. Strategies from this book gave me a new hope."
- Terri R
CKD Patient, Stage II
"Having read numerous books on anti-ageing, I wasn't expecting anything new. The chapter - 'An Ancient Bacteria' is itself worth the price of the book"
- Mackenzie T.
Health Seeker
"In Brazil, treatment options for kidney disease are expensive. By trying few supplements and therapies from the book, I saw my eGFR number to go up, without making a hole in my pocket. I was so happy !"
- Oliveira
CKD Patient, Stage III

Chapters Overview

Chapter 1: Popping BP Pills

High blood pressure is a common condition with significant health implications. In this chapter, we explore the use of blood pressure medications and their effects on the Renin-Angiotensin System (RAAS). We dive into the complex workings of RAAS and how medications like ARBs and ACE inhibitors play a crucial role in regulating blood pressure. These drugs, often viewed negatively, have hidden benefits that extend beyond blood pressure control. Natural strategies to control BP – Aronia berries, beet root (nitrates) etc.are also discussed.

Chapter 2: Strange Story of The Sunshine Vitamin

Vitamin D, often referred to as the “sunshine vitamin,” plays a vital role in various bodily functions. This chapter explores the significance of vitamin D in maintaining kidney health and its connection to the ageing process. We’ll uncover the intricate relationship between vitamin D and the kidneys and how this connection can be harnessed to improve overall health.

Chapter 3: The Wine Factor

The chapter emphasizes the potential of resveratrol as a natural, kidney-friendly compound found in red wine

Chapter 4: Apple of Grenada

The focus is on the amazing benefits of pomegranate and its metabolite, Urolithin, for kidney health.

Chapter 5:That Mythical Greek Goddess 

The focus is on an unique protein produced by Kidney called Klotho, with scientific research to validate its efficacy for reversing chronic kidney disease.

Chapter 6: It Stores The “Jing”

In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the concept of “Jing” represents the essence of life. This chapter delves into the significance of Jing in relation to kidney health and the ageing process. We’ll explore how preserving and nourishing this essence can be a key strategy in the fight against kidney diseases and ageing.

Chapter 7: The Darkness Hormone

Melatonin, often referred to as the “darkness hormone,” plays a crucial role in regulating sleep patterns. This chapter uncovers the lesser-known functions of melatonin, particularly in the context of reversing kidney disease and its potential as an anti-aging agent.

Chapter 8: The Acidic Controversy

The body’s acid-base balance is essential for overall health, and the kidneys play a significant role in maintaining this balance. This chapter explores the impact of acidity on kidney health and how understanding and managing the body’s pH levels can contribute to the fight against kidney diseases and aging.

Chapter 9: His Majesty – King Trumpet

The Pleurotus eryngii mushroom, often referred to as “King Trumpet,” is celebrated for its potential health benefits. In this chapter, we delve into the scientific research surrounding Pleurotus eryngii mushrooms and how they can be a valuable addition to a kidney-healthy and anti-aging diet.

Chapter 10: An Ancient Bacteria

This chapter explores the deep connection between mitochondrial energetics and kidney diseases. Irrespective of actual pathology, most of chronic kidney disease models have underlying mitochondrial dysfunction at their base.

Chapter 11: The Simmering Fire

Chronic inflammation is a known contributor to various health issues, including kidney diseases. We’ll examine the role of inflammation in kidney health and explore strategies to reduce and manage inflammation for the benefit of both the kidneys and the aging process.

Chapter 12: Fix The Gut

This chapter provides practical strategies and interventions to improve and maintain a healthy gut. A balanced gut microbiome is a key component in the reversing kidney diseases and aging.

Chapter 13: Breath It Out

Stress management and relaxation techniques can have a profound impact on overall health. This chapter delves into the significance of breath-work, several Ayurvedic practices (Pranayama) and relaxation in reversing kidney disease and anti-aging strategies. We explore how mindfulness and stress reduction techniques can be integrated into daily life.

Chapter 14: The ‘Third Kidney’

In this final chapter, we unravel the importance of the skin as the “third kidney.” The skin plays a significant role in detoxification and overall health. We explore how skin health is interconnected with kidney health and aging


About Me

Deb Bose

After a successful career as an engineer and entrepreneur, when Deb painfully watched three of his extended family members suffer terribly through chronic kidney disease (CKD), accelerated ageing, failure (and toxicity) of traditional clinical treatments, he dived deep within medical research journals to uncover effective and affordable therapies, stabbing at the heart of CKD and accelerated ageing.

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